Have you considered starting your own rose garden? Or perhaps your existing garden needs some updating? Rose garden design and installation has become a major interest of Danielle Hahn, owner of Rose Story Farm. With nearly 20 years of managing her own 30,000 roses, she has become an expert in the selection of the best rose varieties for the Santa Barbara area. In addition, she is educated in the critical aspects of proper soil and site selection for magnificent heirloom roses, as well as certified in the field of rose disease and pest management. Most importantly, Rose Story Farm, as well as her clients rose gardens, are maintained sustainably using minimally invasive techniques and products that are sustainably made and grown.

Danielle has designed and overseen the installation of multiple rose gardens specializing in old garden roses over the past 10 years, ranging in size from 20 to 2500 roses. Regardless of the size of the project, her focus is on you, the client. Your needs and special desires are considered first.

 A rose garden may be enjoyed in so many ways. It can be used to provide cut flowers or as a tranquil spot for relaxation. Shape, design, and color palette all depend on you, the owner. Garden designers are subject to countless variations, however the designer’s primary job is to transform the vision of the owner into reality.

 Danielle will personally meet with you to begin your project and to explore your interests. Final design will be determined by topography, garden type and budget. Soil and site preparation is evaluated and if desired, the Rose Story Farm gardening staff can assist in the necessary preparation. Individual rose varietal selection is a conjoint activity between you and Danielle. You supply your favorites in terms of color, fragrance, and plant type; she will suggest the varieties that best match your desires with your garden’s climate zone.

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